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Oak Smoked Sliced Scottish Salmon

Originating in the Shetland Isles and prepared in the traditional manner, our salmon is salted then smoked over oak chips. Ready to eat, Lockengower Smoked Salmon is low in fat and free from all additives and chemicals, it makes the perfect gift for all those special occasions.

Preparation Guidelines

  • This smoked salmon is ready to eat.To enjoy this product at its best, remove from fridge and separate slices 10 minutes before serving.
Smoked Salmon Availability
Mass Name Price Quantity
227g (8oz) 1 x 227g sliced pack £15.96
454g (1lb 1oz) 1 x 454g sliced pack £26.98
567g (1lb 4oz) 1 x 567g Sliced Pack £32.96
680g (1lb 7oz) 1 x 680g sliced pack £36.90
907g (1lb 15oz) 1 x 907g sliced pack £43.50
1.13kg (2lb 8oz) 1 x 1134g sliced pack £52.96
340g (11oz) 2 x 170g sliced multi pack £22.47
454g (1lb 1oz) 2 x 227g sliced multi pack £28.64
680g (1lb 7oz) 4 x 170g sliced multi pack £41.04
908g (2lb 2oz) 4 x 227g sliced multi pack £52.34
1.02kg (2lb 3oz) 6 x 170g sliced multi pack £56.29
1.36kg (3lb 4oz) 6 x 227g sliced multi pack £70.61
1.36kg (2lb 15oz) 8 x 170g sliced multi pack £69.43
1.82kg (4lb 5oz) 8 x 227g sliced multi pack £85.88

Delivery Costs & Times


For mail to Western Europe, we use Royal Mail's 'International Signed For' Service. The additional cost is £9.50 for weights up to 454gms and £11.50 for weights up to 1134gms.

The final recommended posting date for international delivery to Western Europe to ensure Christmas delivery is Wednesday, 11th December 2019.

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